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Feet would instantly turn into nothingness from a distance, it was like an invisible hood enveloping him the calm voice also came down from the sky in the name of the elder, capture and.

Looted from the surrounding buildings with a shake of their arms, more than a dozen silver spears appeared, and the body of the gun shook, piercing the rain curtain the fierce wind shot.

Accompanied by a hint of thunder, sounded slowly immediately afterwards, the rain curtain on the sky suddenly seemed to be torn apart by a pair of invisible hands the three old men came.

Pavilion can become the top power in zhongzhou, and it really is residential weight loss programs near me not because of its reputation presumably the three should be the so called three elders of .

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anthony head weight loss

one month weight loss challenge Weight Loss Supplements Shark Tank Weight Loss Texts anthony head weight loss IGD. fenglei and dian, fenglei beige.

Price anthony head weight loss and catch him abolish his grudge, and imprison him permanently under the north thunder pagoda, so that outsiders will know that anyone who wants to touch my fenglei pavilion in the.

Future must think about the consequences an old man in a do weight loss iv drips work green robe said in a deep voice with a glint of sternness in his eyes hearing the old guy s cruel words, xiao yan s face gradually.

Became colder, his fighting spirit was abolished, and he was imprisoned forever, these two punishments were extremely terrifying with a wave of his hand, the earth demon puppet appeared.

Enough to save your life it s not enough, so what xiao yan gently touched the snow white ring with his fingers, and said slowly as the sound fell, a majestic and incomparable soul power.

Flowed down the arm again, rushing into xiao yan s body crazily like a tide accompanied by the influx of that majestic soul power, xiao yan s aura also began to climb crazily at this.

Turned into indifferent silver again, the upsurge in momentum slowly stagnated that s enough xiao yan stared at the three elders, feng lei dian, with silver eyes, and his calm voice.

Level with you the long browed old man stared at xiao yan closely, and said in a low voice xiao yan s eyes narrowed slightly, this old guy .

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s eyesight was extremely sharp, he could see the.

Able to walk out of tianbei does weight loss improve kidney function city the old man with long eyebrows said lightly hong tianxiao, the puppet, leave it to you haha, elder lei, don t worry, this battle is over, and this puppet.

His fists tightly, with a look of struggle in his eyes mr han, this is a matter between me and fenglei pavilion, so don t interfere while he was struggling, xiao yan s faint laughter came.

Slowly brother xiao yan, it Macros For Weight Loss anthony head weight loss is a great fortune for the han family to befriend you han fei took a deep breath, raised his head, .

and saluted xiao yan solemnly and abnormally then he glanced.

Silver lights poured down, and countless thunderbolts descended from the sky, densely packed like a prison, enveloping all the space within a radius of one hundred meters around xiao yan.

Thunder, and the curtain of thunder resounded throughout tianbei city they have also been under a lot of pressure to put the han family the best weight loss injections under house arrest these days now that they say.

Eyes swept across hong tianxiao indifferently, and said softly the words blurted out, and a silver glow suddenly burst out from the ground demon puppet s body, and the wind of fists also.

Became extremely fierce, each punch brought a low sonic boom, and hit hong tianxiao fiercely seeing the demon puppet showing its power suddenly, hong tianxiao didn t One Shot Keto Diet Shark Tank anthony head weight loss dare to neglect it he.

Became more and more intense he stared at xiao yan and said in a deep voice, the nine heavens thunder prison formation is my fenglei north pavilion protector formation it was formed by.

Twenty three douhuang powerhouses and forty six douwang powerhouses, and the three of us will be the eyes of the formation if you can break through it today, your xiao yan s reputation.

Will also be famous in the northern region of central prefecture xiao yan s complexion did not fluctuate because of this, he slowly raised his palm, and spun slightly, a huge soul cyclone.

Eyebrows on top of their heads, there is a thunder beam rushing into the thunder cloud among the three, only the long browed elder is the one who guides and attacks the other two seem to.

The fire wolf, and its figure became lighter, but after all, the thunder was melted away go xiao yan flicked his fingers, and a ferocious look suddenly appeared in huolang s eyes he moved.

Turning into falling heart flame and qinglian ground heart fire three kinds of strange fires floated in front of xiao yan s body, and finally in his palm, the three kinds of flames.

Browed elders who hadn t seemed to have any major emotional fluctuations, suddenly changed their expressions, and lost their voices in disbelief as the exclamation fell, the elder.

Changmei s face became much more gloomy, his eyes intertwined with the two people beside him, and then he gritted his teeth fiercely, and the handprints of the three began to change at.

Xiao yan s palm, and within that fusion, traces of destructive power also quietly seeped out, causing black cracks like filaments to appear in the space around xiao yan the space actually.

Washbasin slowly appeared on his palm the three color fire lotus rotates slowly, and every what is keto for weight loss time it rotates, some dark cracks will appear in the surrounding space xiao yan, throw this good.

People shouted down, there was a shocking explosion in the thundercloud, and the speed of the turbulence also slowly stopped immediately, a bright silver light shot out, and a huge.

Because the fist of thunder and lightning consumed too much energy, the surrounding thunder curtain had also faded a lot at this moment, so this shocking moment of collision happened to.

Be within the sight anthony head weight loss of everyone in tianbei city under those countless horrified gazes, the gigantic thunder and lightning giant fist finally collided with the tiny fire lotus for a.

Lightning giant fist, wrinkles visible to the naked eye appeared in the space two extremely terrifying energies eroded each other in this silence following the erosion of two terrifying.

Xiao yan and the three fenglei beige elders entered at this moment, the fate would definitely not be much better the fire lotus rotates slowly, and with each rotation, the lightning giant.

Of fear overflowing from the depths of their souls click under the gaze of countless gazes, the rotation speed of the three color fire lotus suddenly accelerated a lot, and with the.

An effect, but anthony head weight loss Shark Tank Trevor Hiltbrand Weight Loss xiao yan now borrowed the power of venerable skyfire however, his strength has reached a terrifying level the power of the three color fire lotus displayed at this moment.

Is naturally extremely terrifying after all, the buddha s fury lotus is a powerful fighting skill that grows with the improvement of xiao yan s strength as long as xiao yan s strength.

Does not stop, the power of the buddha s fury lotus will become more and more terrifying poof the thunderbolt giant fist cracked, and the three elders with long eyebrows spewed out.

Younger generation, probably has few opponents it is said that there is a miss feng in fenglei pavilion, who is extremely talented in cultivation and is a candidate for the .

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next lord of.

Silver body surface, but there was no blood flowing out of it, and the ground demon puppet seemed unaware of these knife wounds on the body all the pain glancing at the figure slowly.

Approaching through the void out of the corner of his eye, hong .

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tianxiao s already ugly face darkened a lot, he shouted angrily, and the big knife in his hand danced like a gust of wind.

Behind him as the sound came into his ears, hong tianxiao s pupils shrank One Shot Keto Diet Shark Tank anthony head weight loss immediately, and he quickly looked towards xiao yan s anthony head weight loss direction, but only saw an afterimage is slowly dissipating.

Tianxiao turned around hastily, and without hesitation in his hand, the fiery red saber condensed into fighting spirit, .

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anthony head weight loss

anthony head weight loss Keto Advanced Weight Loss Shark Tank, Found Weight Loss one month weight loss challenge Shark Tank Keto Pills Reviews. and slashed down fiercely laugh the sharp blade slashed straight on.

Out, hong tianxiao, who was the first to bear the brunt, sweetened his throat again, and finally a trace of blood overflowed from the corner of his mouth he didn t care to wipe off the.

Tianxiao was also overjoyed and nodded hastily however, although he was very sincere and happy on the surface, his heart was full of resentment from what the old wu lei said earlier, this.

Seemed to be in deep thought, and after a while, he nodded his head slightly, and said it s actually the old man who has such a meaning, that s naturally the most important thing before.

The words were finished, xiao yan s eyes suddenly became gloomy and cold seeing this, hong tianxiao thought something bad was going on in his heart, and before he had time to dodge, a.

Step forward and opened his arms hugged hong tianxiao tightly limbs were locked, hong tianxiao was also startled, and immediately struggled weight loss pills symptoms crazily, fiery red fighting energy burst anthony head weight loss out of.

His body like a volcanic eruption, but under xiao yan s order, the demon puppet clung to him, ignoring the heat of the fighting energy if you want to kill me, the old man won t make it.

Easy for you being blocked by the earth demon puppet, as if knowing xiao yan s will to kill him, hong tianxiao also had a hint of madness in his eyes the battle energy in the body.

Return to gold with you today just as the illusory hong tianxiao anthony head weight loss s soul was pulled out, there was a roar of venom, anthony head weight loss but before his soul exploded, a majestic soul power burst out from xiao.

All his sanity under a sweeping sweep after erasing his sanity, xiao yan quickly took out a jade bottle, and stuffed his soul .

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into it with a swipe of his palm, an invisible flame emerged.

Demon puppet, and then cast his eyes on the han family, and with a anthony head weight loss movement of his body, he slowly disappeared into the sky in the depths of the han family manor, in a is rpm good for weight loss quiet courtyard.

Han xue looked at the disappearing xiao yan, her pretty face was not in a hurry, and just about to use her fighting spirit to take off into the air, a voice slowly sounded in the.

Able to live in peace hearing the sound, han xue and han yue suddenly turned their heads and anthony head weight loss looked at the young man who appeared in the courtyard the former was excited and took two.

Steps forward, and then seemed to hear something, and said with a pretty pale face you left this time, you won t come back again xiao yan smiled and said softly I have already offended.

Fenglei pavilion, and having entanglements with you will only make today s incident happen again, hehe, when I have the strength not to be Doja Cat Weight Loss one month weight loss challenge afraid of fenglei pavilion in the future, I will.

Come to the han family to talk about it again, and hope that I will not be kicked out by then han xue bit her red lips tightly with her teeth, and her tender body felt like it was about.

Xue who was crying, he could only sigh, looked at the sky in the distance, and murmured little friend xiao yan, the han family has accepted this kindness if there is a chance in the.

Future, I will repay you to be continued the sky beyond tianbei city xiao yan s body stagnated for a moment, then he let out a sigh, turned his body around, and turned into a stream of.

Light, flashing towards the distant sky after flying nearly a few hundred miles away, xiao yan s body suddenly paused, and the majestic anthony head weight loss meal replacements for weight loss momentum permeating his body immediately.

Disappeared like a shrinking sponge is it time feeling the rapidly weakening power in his body, xiao yan couldn t help laughing wryly, his eyes swept around, and then he moved his body.

Have sequelae in addition, in the future, if it is not a critical time, you should borrow less of my soul power in the past few days, I have discovered that every time you use my soul.

Seems that this kind of borrowing of other people s strength also has a lot of side effects, you have to be more careful in the future xiao yan let out a breath, and said to himself in.

Yan s mind, and with a single movement, xiao yan swept into the cave, then quickly sat cross legged, took out a elixir from the ring, stuffed it into his mouth, put out the practice seal.

Fortunately, there are not many remaining soul breaths now, otherwise, the consequences would be extremely serious sure enough, this thing is really troublesome after discovering these.

Fortunately, this matter was discovered early, otherwise there would be more soul Doja Cat Weight Loss one month weight loss challenge remnants in the future, and he might have to leave this innate body and turn into a soul body like.

Venerable tianhuo and the others although there are anthony head weight loss not many soul remnants, they are a trouble after all with xiao yan s personality, he naturally wouldn t tolerate this kind of.

Moment, his aura returned to the peak level again, and with every gesture, there was a vigorous fighting spirit rippling at his fingertips the nine star dou huang was indeed much stronger.

Than the seven star this soul imprint is really tricky, but it s not impossible to get rid of it I remember that there seem to be some pills that can do it opening his eyes, xiao yan.

Much slower, which shows its importance the search lasted for nearly an hour xiao yan, who kept his body motionless, opened his eyes abruptly there can synthroid cause weight loss was a hint of surprise in his eyes with.

Itself, and also has the effect of warming and nourishing the soul refining materials, body clearing grass, ice and fire soul melting fruit, hormone pills for weight loss water spirit lotus seeds anthony head weight loss the soul power.

Invaded the scroll, and printed all the prescription information in it in his mind after xiao yan saw the function of the soul clearing pill, the smile on his face vyvamind weight loss also became much.

Stronger the sixth grade top level, the level is not low, but it should be able to be refined as for those materials, they are a bit out of the way you may still be able to get them if.

Muttered to himself in a low voice having found a solution, xiao yan also heaved a sigh of relief in his heart he put the prescription into the ring, pondered for a while, and with a.

Xiao yan s soul power penetrated quickly the soul power .

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anthony head weight loss

Regal Keto Shark Tank Episode one month weight loss challenge, anthony head weight loss Weight Loss Programs Shark Tank Weight Loss Sisters Episode. entered the scroll, and the space within it was exactly the same as that of shen yun s scroll under that space, there was a thunder.

Yan opened his eyes, but his brows slowly frowned the thunder fonts in the four scrolls were fused together, which indeed looked like a complete version, but for some reason, it was still.

While, xiao yan shook his palm by the way, it is true that he lacks a key that can transform these mysterious thunder fonts into a cultivation method, but as for what this key is, he does.

Not know I am afraid that he can know it only the fenglei pavilion is qualified to practice this method, anthony head weight loss but it is obvious that it is impossible to tell him this secret aw, damn thing.

Gritting his teeth fiercely, xiao yan couldn t help cursing, after spending such a lot of effort, the two of them ended up with an advanced fighting skill at the ground level that they.

Your cultivation method reluctantly putting the scroll into the ring, xiao yan cursed angrily this thing can only be put aside for the time being now that I have offended fenglei.

Far away from tianbei city it is barely outside the circle of influence of fenglei pavilion this city is controlled by a faction called huagumen although there are many other forces One Shot Keto Diet Shark Tank anthony head weight loss under.

Really get anthony head weight loss it and successfully swallow it, its strength will inevitably increase wildly, but unfortunately suppressing the regret in his heart, xiao yan slowly entered the shop there was.

An old man in the store, but he was not a high ranking man, his face showed the usual shrewdness of a businessman, xiao yan glanced at it, the strength of this old man had just reached.

Handed it to xiao yan, and said with a smile thirty thousand gold coins hearing the price, xiao yan couldn t help but rolled his eyes this old guy really spared no effort in murdering.

Hehe, wait a moment, little brother when xiao yan turned around the old man suddenly shouted why xiao yan frowned and said hehe, I think the little brother looks very handsome, he shouldn.

T be dr kellyann weight loss method from huagu city, is he also here for the tianshan blood pool in the tianmu mountain range the old man laughed the two names tianshan blood pool in tianmu mountains made xiao yan.

Them seeing xiao yan like this, the old man was also stunned, and said in astonishment little brother doesn t even know the tianmu mountain range and the anthony head weight loss tianshan blood pool I have only.

Recently arrived in the northern best recommended weight loss supplements territory, so I am not familiar with it can the boss tell me xiao yan casually threw a bag of gold coins, landed on the counter, and said with great.

The northern region of zhongzhou and even other places next month, it will be three years, so there are countless people rushing to the tianmu mountain range recently hehe, but the tianmu.

Will definitely be able to reach the top of the mountain before others the old man laughed, and finally showed his fox tail hearing this, xiao yan was a bit dumbfounded the old guy said.

More than a year, and besides, he still needs to help venerable tianhuo refine the body according to what yao lao said at the beginning, there are three conditions for refining the body.

Rank with his current alchemy skills, he cannot refine it at all unless he can reach the level of dou zong, otherwise, the success rate will be extremely low little brother, the old man.

Mountain blood pool after those ten people, you can only wait for the next three years at the empty does weight loss affect breast size blood pool seeing that xiao yan did not express his opinion, the old man quickly.

Yan nod his head, anthony head weight loss Shark Tank Trevor Hiltbrand Weight Loss the old what fruits for weight loss man was overjoyed, happily took out a roll of blueprints, and laughed in his heart another fat sheep has been slaughtered, this is the first one today xiao yan.

Naturally didn t know what the old man was thinking, and even if he knew, he didn t bother to worry about it the map might cost more than that, but the situation about the blood lake in.

Crowded with people, basically mixed with dragons and snakes generally speaking, the news here was extremely circulated however, xiao yan ordered a jug of sake and poured it himself in.

Tianshan blood pool in the tianmu mountains many people blushed when they mentioned it, with a strong sense of greed on their faces it seems that the temptation of the blood pool on that.

Naturally increase a thin faced man sneered it is said that there is a miss feng in fenglei pavilion her cultivation talent is extremely terrifying it is even rumored that she will be the.

Miserable end compared with him, miss feng and even tang ying are nothing you can t say that, xiao yan is strong, but miss feng and tang ying are not weak, and as far as I .

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know, that xiao.

Himself, xiao yan couldn t help being taken aback, and immediately gave a wry smile, took out the cloak from the ring, and covered it quietly on his head, he didn t want to expose his.

Identity and cause many unnecessary troubles after listening for a while again, just when xiao yan was about to leave, a silver figure slowly appeared at the stairs of the inn, and then.

The surroundings, and then he walked towards the catherines weight loss sauce window after a while, he stopped beside the table and chair where xiao yan was sitting among many eyes I don t know if I can sit down the.

Silver figure smiled at xiao yan, but even though he was asking such a question, he had already sat down opposite xiao yan seeing this person sitting in front of xiao yan, best cabbage soup for weight loss everyone couldn.

T help but shoot their eyes at xiao yan after seeing Macros For Weight Loss anthony head weight loss that he didn t express anything, they all turned their eyes away, and the noisy voice came out again xiao yan raised his head, and.

Not kind, and those who came would not come this person anthony head weight loss Shark Tank Trevor Hiltbrand Weight Loss was obviously here for him, and judging by his appearance, he probably didn t come to make friends three thousand lightning.

Fenglei beige pavilion master, xiao yan s eyes shrank suddenly, almost like a conditioned reflex, the mysterious ruler flashed out, and a foot away fiercely slashed down at the silver.

Correct, the emerald green strange fire that I had never seen before should be formed by fusion tsk tsk, I have never heard of the kung fu that can fuse different fires anthony head weight loss in my life this.

Time it is an eye opener fei tian smiled slightly, and there was a look of great interest in his silver white eyes, and then he stepped forward slowly, and his figure disappeared quietly.

Pavilion to find me the figure flashed, and xiao yan also had some doubts in his heart the northern region of zhongzhou is so big, no matter how powerful he is, it is impossible to find.

Thunders and that magical bone wing, but you want to compare the speed with the old man, but you have chosen the wrong path fei tian dark web weight loss pills said with a smile on his face what on earth are you.

Trying to do xiao yan shouted in a deep voice, but his eyes swept around without a trace, looking for the direction of escape give the three thousand thunder phantoms to the old man even.

He fenitra weight loss diet pills reviews said with a smile I am also very interested in your kung fu that can fuse different fires, hand it over, maybe it will let you go I can hear this xiao yan s face was completely gloomy.

Fen jue was his greatest reliance in cultivation it was almost mostly due to fen jue s credit that he could get to where he is today if this old fellow wanted to snatch fen jue, he would.

Can only retreat today, but it s a pity seeing xiao yan s gloomy face, fei tian didn t care hmph, what a big tone, if the old man is real, you still have the guts to appear in front of me.

Longer hesitant at the moment, the bone wings stretch out, and when he shakes it vigorously, it turns into a streamer and rushes away in optiva weight loss program another direction seeing that xiao yan was about.

Ripples swayed, stabbing out facing venerable tianhuo s attack, fei tian also sneered on his face, the thunder spear in his pre and probiotics for weight loss hand carried an unparalleled thunder and lightning dou qi, chi.

Stream of light streaked across the sky, and disappeared at the end of the mountain range in an instant Doja Cat Weight Loss one month weight loss challenge this desperate running lasted for more than twenty minutes the space in front of.

Xiao yan suddenly twisted, and a soul force sprang out from the space it was the venerable skyfire who blocked fei tian earlier at this moment, his face was a little dignified, and his.

Figure seemed to be lighter than before it seems that in the past twenty minutes, he fought fiercely with fei tian, that old monster hurry up, traveling through space is something that.

Dou zun can only do if I hadn t been at this level before, and I is crackers good for weight loss have a soul body, I m afraid it would be difficult to use it however, that guy s speed is extremely terrifying I m afraid.

He will anthony head weight loss catch up soon as soon weight loss gel pill as he appeared, venerable tianhuo urged in a deep voice xiao yan nodded just as he was about to move his body, his heart suddenly moved he said in a deep.

Voice no, I always feel that this old guy seems to can bronchitis cause weight loss be able to lock my position I think, I m afraid there is something on me that is guiding him and our position hearing this, venerable.

That is to say, something else the light in xiao yan s eyes flickered rapidly a moment later, with a swipe of the palm, four Macros For Weight Loss anthony head weight loss silver scrolls appeared in his hands he stared at the scrolls.

Like lightning, and said coldly with a serious face three thousand thunders appear in phantom as he shouted, an invisible force slowly infiltrated from his body suddenly, and then.

Squirmed strangely, and unexpectedly condensed into a clone whose appearance was exactly the same as fei tian s what s more, the most shocking thing was that the aura of this clone was.

Also extremely powerful unfortunately, my three thousand thunder phantom body has not been cultivated to the highest level, otherwise no matter how cunning that kid is, it will be.

His head, cast his gaze towards the direction where xiao yan was escaping, smiled coldly, and his body turned into nothingness with a bang above the .

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anthony head weight loss

one month weight loss challenge Weight Loss Supplements Shark Tank Weight Loss Texts anthony head weight loss IGD. cloudless and clear sky, a stream of.

Light burst out violently, and there was a faint sound of wind and thunder emanating from within that feitian s aura has gradually disappeared he must have chased after the four scrolls.

Ring, and ruthlessly hit a void in front of him boom the power of the soul collided with the void space, and the space suddenly surged, and immediately after the space was distorted, a.

Imagined that this old guy, how could he still chase after him the old man said, you can t escape from my grasp fei tian looked at xiao yan with cold eyes, and said slowly xiao yan.

Clenched his fists slightly, and said with a sneer, it seems that you don t want the scroll of the three thousand thunder phantoms anymore hearing this, anthony head weight loss fei tian smiled, with a hint of.

Soul of venerable tianhuo suddenly appeared, and he looked at fei tian opposite him with frowning, and said in a deep voice his pupils shrank slightly, xiao yan s heart skipped a beat.

Smile kill him, he is delaying time, fei tian must have gone after those scrolls, if he waits until one month weight loss challenge Keto On Shark Tank the deity catches up, he will really be unable to escape, xiao yan said hastily as soon.

And a huge energy wave and thunderous sound suddenly shark tank weight loss product resounded over the mountain range looking at the two people who were fighting fiercely, xiao yan also hurriedly backed away, staring.

I will do it hearing xiao yan s shout, venerable tianhuo was stunned, then quickly retreated, and his illusory body merged into xiao yan s body in a flash following the integration of.

Venerable tianhuo, xiao yan s aura immediately rose up like a mountain peak on the plain with a cold expression on his face, he clenched his palms, and the invisible falling heart flames.

Python bumped into it, and the thunder light covering fei tian s avatar disappeared immediately, and before it retreated violently, an invisible fire python followed closely and slammed.

Strangely, and when he reappeared, he sneered in front of the illusory fei tian it s over as the voice fell, the fist wrapped in the strong fallen heart flame slammed out fiercely, and.

Then a furious roar resounded through the forest boy, next time we meet, I will kill you to be continued among the dense forest a figure was hidden under the cover of heavy branches.

Sensing range, xiao yan clearly knew how terrifying the old guy s speed was therefore, as soon as he got out of his sensing range, he immediately turned around, quickly got into the.

Disappearance, xiao yan has never moved at all he knows IGD anthony head weight loss how terrifying the eight star douzong is, and the power of induction healthy seafood recipes for weight loss is also terribly sensitive the slightest sign of this trouble.

Around vigilantly then it turned into a fuzzy shadow and rushed towards the depths of the forest after One Shot Keto Diet Shark Tank anthony head weight loss walking through the forest for a how cla helps with weight loss while, xiao yan tried his best to avoid the magical.

The scroll decisively, anthony head weight loss he anthony head weight loss might still be unable to escape fei tian s pursuit the consumption is also extremely terrifying once it is used, xiao yan will definitely enter the weakest state.

Three levels, nuanced, dignified, and great the three levels represent the strength of the avatar the sublime level avatar is at most only one third of the strength of the main body, and.

Thousand thunder phantoms do have their own advantages such profound fighting skills, I really don t know what kind of amazing and brilliant people can create them xiao yan stood up, and.

Cultivation formula the Macros For Weight Loss anthony head weight loss agglomeration of clones is indeed difficult frowning slightly, xiao yan murmured in a low voice the gist recorded in the cultivation formula use the heart to.

Landed, his figure appeared tens of meters away like lightning, leaving four afterimages along the way among the four afterimages, three quickly dissipated, but the last one dissipated at.

Soul in it in time xiao yan frowned and murmured after thinking hard for a while, xiao yan, who was still fruitless, could only sigh softly the cultivation of the three thousand lightning.

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